We offer the full suite when it comes to services here at Outhouse Games. From augmented & virtual reality, animation & modeling, to original music composition, our studio can work with you no matter the size of your project. Our experienced developers, animators, and designers are ready to take your ideas to the next level.


Bring your project to life with movement. Add movement to a rigged model.


Shape a defined piece of 3D or 2D art using a modeling software package.


The visual skin that is added to a 3D modeled object to make it more detailed and interesting.


Build a skeletal structure within a Model allows an artist to animate movement.

Game Design

Create goals, rules, and challenges to define a sport, tabletop game, casino game, video game, role-playing game, or simulation that produces desirable interactions among its participants and possibly spectators.


Develop software for video games and applications.

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Develop games and applications for the augmented reality and virtual reality platforms.

Mobile Development

Develop games and applications for the mobile platforms including iOS, Android.

Rapid Prototyping

Quickly fabricate a functional model of an application or game used as the basis for the final product.

Original Music Compostions

Create original pieces of music in software that can be used in video games, film, and applications.

2D/3D Audio Integration of Music & SFX

Encode music and sound effects into the application to play at defined variables.

Voiceover Recording & Editing

Record a piece of narration associated with visual media, mixing it, and lining it up with the visual media.


With 13 years of experience our development pipeline is well tested and refined regularly to meet the current needs of our clients and their projects. We work very closely with our customers to ensure they are  happy with the product and that begins with maintaining an open line of communication throughout the development process.

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