Get ready to put your Concentration and Coordination to the test.

Leave your quarters at home and try this FREE modern spin on the classic arcade game!

How to Play:

It’s simple- Tap the screen anywhere to stack the chain of blocks.
Line them up precisely- your score depends on it.

Every 10 stacks without a mistake Rewards you with a Random Bonus and Score Multiplier!

Watch your multiplier, tower, and score grow, but Be Careful- the blocks speed up as you go!

How to Stack Up:

Stack up your tower and watch it pass the scores of your friends and people around the world!
Tweet your score and challenge your followers!
Earn Achievements in the game!

Interactive Audio:

Each touch of the screen adds a sound that enhances the original music in the background.

***Recommended with headphones***

hint: Try playing with the sound effects off for a different Stack’R experience.

Once you start stacking, you can’t stop. We dare you to only build your tower once!

Press Assets

Apr 8 2015