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Live Story: Week 8 – Meet Matt

Next up in our Live Story series is an introduction to our 3d Animator & Artist, Matt Graham. Matt brings our characters and environments to life with his modeling, texturing, and rigging skills. His talents also include foam sword fighting and puppy wrangling. Outhouse Games: Thanks, Matt for chatting with us today! So lets start at the beginning, when did you […]

Live Story: Week 7 – Meet Chris

Next up in our Live Story series is an introduction to one of our co-founders, Chris Borden. We were able to steal him away for a quick interview during a busy week to learn more about what he does here at Outhouse. Outhouse Games: You have a lot of responsibilities around the office with being both a co-founder and […]

Live Story: Week 6 – Meet Phil

Our Live Story series continues with another introduction to one of our invaluable team members. This week, Phil Bias chatted with us about his evolving role from co-founder, developer, and now producer on our newest VR title. Outhouse Games: Can you tell us about your role in the development of our upcoming game? Phil Bias: I’m […]

Live Story: Week 5 – Meet Bethany

A story can never be complete without knowing who the characters are. This week in our Live Story, we are going to introduce you to one of our leading ladies, Bethany Borden. We had the opportunity to sit down with Bethany this week to learn more about her and her job here at Outhouse Games. Outhouse […]

Live Story: Week 4 – Feeling The Environment

Last week, we talked about using the HTC Vive touch control system to explore our new VR environment. In this installment of our Live Story, we are going to talk about how we will use those touch controls to give our players the hands on experience they are looking for. When designing for a VR […]

Live Story: Week 3 – We Get Our Hands On Touch Controls

Moving into VR games requires us to experience and try out new technology, which is something we love to do. This week during development, we focused on touch controls. These types of controls replace your standard game controllers you may use for your Xbox or PlayStation. So instead of having a classic controller in your […]

Live Story: Week 1 – Let’s Talk About Scale

Welcome to Live Story: Week 1! We are excited to kick off our very own article series that documents our design and development process as we create our first VR game. Each week we will talk about what is happening here in the studio. We want to share this hands on experience with you while getting a close […]

Exciting News From Outhouse Games

2016 has been a big year so far for us here at Outhouse Games. Our team has grown, we have released new apps, and completed some really awesome projects. To continue the trend of making this year even bigger for our company, we are excited to announce our move into virtual reality gaming. One of […]