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Live Story: Character Concept Art & Background

When playing a game, you come across all kinds of characters and enemies with unique designs and features that tie them into the story and their environment. This week, we spoke with Chris Borden from our team at Outhouse and artist Grant Gossler about the background of some of the characters you will encounter in our […]

Audio in VR: Creating 3D Sound

Audio in a virtual reality environment is one of the most important pieces to make a player feel immersed in the experience. As a game is created and designed, sound not only needs to fit the look and feel of the game, it takes on another level of difficulty and expertise when making it 3D […]

Live Story: Meet Liz

Ever wonder who is behind our blog posts? Liz George is our Community & Content Manager and our final team member profile for our Outhouse Live Story. She not only runs our blog, she does marketing, community management, and partners with Bethany to provide support on our social media channels. Outhouse Games: Let’s start at the beginning. When […]

Live Story: Meet Pam

Every studio needs a great Developer, and that is where Pam comes in. In our latest installment of our Outhouse Live Story, we introduce you to the talented Pam Werrell. Outhouse Games: Thanks, Pam for talking with us today! Let’s start at the beginning. When did you start working at Outhouse Games? Pam Werrell: January […]

Live Story: Outhouse Levels Up at OrlandoiX

It has been a very eventful few weeks for Outhouse Games. Last weekend we were at OrlandoiX showing off our latest game, ‘The Ancient Remains’ to attendees. We attended OiX last year, but this year we wanted to create an interactive exhibit to bring people in and give us feedback about our game. We upgraded […]

Live Story: Outhouse Gets Out of the Studio

Outhouse Games has had a lot of opportunities these past few weeks to get out of the studio and go to some great conferences not only to get the word out about our newest VR title, ‘The Ancient Remains’, but to also do what we do better. Right now, we are currently at OrlandoiX with a […]

Live Story: Meet Adam

It is time to meet another member of our team in our latest installment of our Live Story. Up next is our awesome 3D Modeler & Texture Artist, Adam Flores! Outhouse Games: It is your turn for a profile, Adam! To get started, lets talk about how you came to Outhouse Games. When did you start working […]