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The Happy Hour Podcast Show Visits Outhouse Games: Part 1

On Saturday, October 22, Kyle Duce traveled over an hour, podcast equipment in tow, to visit the Outhouse Games studio. We were happy to provide the opportunity for him to experience video games in virtual reality for the first time. Afterward, we sat down with Duce and recorded two episodes of Happy Hour with Johnny & Duce […]

Girl Power in Games!

I am proud to be a female game developer and “gamer”! I don’t define myself by my gender, but there’s no hiding it either, especially when working in the video game industry.   I was flattered and humbled to participate on a panel called “Girls that Game” at Otronicon, Orlando’s annual interactive tech expo at the […]

Why are there so many MEN in the video game industry?!

When I was in elementary school, I played a LOT of video games on our Nintendo Entertainment System. They helped me escape from the tough things in life- like divorce, and bullies, and boredom in a small town. (For all the young people reading this, the internet didn’t exist back then…or DVRs….or Cartoon Network!) They […]

Outhouse Games: A Family Affair!

An artist, a programmer, a musician, (and a tester): This is the tale of the Outhouse Games team and how friends became family.  It all started way back in 2001, when Chris packed everything he owned into a U-Haul and moved to Orlando on a whim.  From Michigan!  He applied to work security at Universal […]