Live Story: Character Concept Art & Background

When playing a game, you come across all kinds of characters and enemies with unique designs and features that tie them into the story and their environment. This week, we spoke with Chris Borden from our team at Outhouse and artist Grant Gossler about the background of some of the characters you will encounter in our upcoming release, ‘The Ancient Remains’, and give you a sneak peek at some of the concept art.

With the first chapter of our game being based in an ancient temple, our first set of characters are based on Egyptian mythology. While there have been many interpretations of characters such as Anubis and the Sphinx, working with artist Grant Gossler helped the team bring their vision to life. When asked how to make an original looking character from something that has been reimagined time and time again, Gossler said it is about using recognizable traits for each character while adding new and interesting details. He explained about the character Anubis, saying he was trying to give him a primal, underdeveloped human feel while still staying true to the legend itself.

Check out the art below to see what you might run into while exploring the temple along with background information on the character that helped drive the design.

Ammit is a female demon made up of the 3 largest man-eating animals known to ancient Egyptians- the lion, hippopotamus, and crocodile. She lived near the scales of justice in the underworld and devoured the hearts of the impure.

The Sphinx is said to be the guardian of gateways. Men have been driven to madness trying to solve the sphinx’s riddles.

Ancient Egyptians worshiped snakes, especially the Cobra. The Naga were servants of the gods. These deities have been summoned by priests as servants to help guard the temple. They are very clever and strong.

Lector Priests were extremely intelligent and powerful. The Gods granted them the ability to practice magic and perform rituals.

In ancient times, Faceless Temple Guards were warriors and protectors of the pharaohs, known for their loyalty, strength and bravery… but nothing more. The lack of the face symbolizes that most warriors live and die anonymously.

Anubis ushered the dead to be judged at the scale of justice. When talking with Gossler, he said he used chains on the arms to help show scale. The chains are a standard size ahuman would interact with, but on Anubis’s arms they look thin and string like showing just how large he is.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks coming in the new year!

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