Live Story: Meet Liz

Ever wonder who is behind our blog posts? Liz George is our Community & Content Manager and our final team member profile for our Outhouse Live Story. She not only runs our blog, she does marketing, community management, and partners with Bethany to provide support on our social media channels.

Outhouse Games: Let’s start at the beginning. When did you start working at Outhouse Games?

Liz George: I started with Outhouse in January this year working with the team to help manage the community and the content we create for the company.

OH: Can you tell us about the experience of getting this job and what it is like to see the company grow?

LG: I actually asked for my job. I wanted to work in games and wanted to find a good company to give my spare time to, so I reached out to Bethany and ended up meeting with her, Chris and Phil for lunch. We met at IgnitionINK and hit it off and here we are. I have community and content management background and wanted to put that experience to work in the game industry. It has been really exciting watching the company grow and I’ve been able to learn and do so much that without this, I wouldn’t have the opportunity to do so. This year has been such a busy and amazing year, I’m really grateful to be on such an awesome team.

OH: What made you want to work in gaming?

LG: I love games. I grew up fighting for my turn on the NES with my brothers and the only game they would let me play was Super Mario 2. Being able to play as Peach and be one of the stronger characters in the game left a bigger impression that I thought it did. I never thought I could work in gaming, because I’m not an artist or developer, but every company needs marketing and community management, so I can work closely with something I love doing something I’m good at. It is a win-win.

OH: Can you tell us what a day in the life of a Content & Community Manager is like?

LG: It is a bit all over the place, but my work is primarily project based. I like to review what projects and tasks are on my plate, make a list, and then tackle it. I like the variety, one day I can be working on a blog post and the next day on the website. The job is really creative, I can come up with content concepts that we use on the blog and social media, brainstorm ways to engage our community, and just really be different in the ways we can talk about the company and our games. It is such a good outlet, the team gives me a lot of freedom and their trust, and that feels fantastic, and I think that shows in my work.

OH: What programs and tools do you use every day?

LG: Slack for talking with the team, Grammarly to catch the little errors I might miss, Photoshop to create and edit visual assets, WordPress for the website and blog, and just a plain old web browser to get where I need to go!

OH: Can you tell us about your desk setup?

LG: My desk is portable, it is in my backpack. When I am set up at, I have my MacBook, monitor, keyboard, mouse, and a bunch of knick-knacks. However, one of the things I love about this job is that I can pack up my computer and go work somewhere. I find I work better somewhere with a cup of coffee and music playing than being in an office.

OH: What are you working on right now for our latest VR title?

LG: Right now, I’m working with Chris to talk about updating the website to start marketing for the game. Last week, we reviewed different layouts and ideas about how to promote the game. It is pretty neat to start marketing something like this from scratch.

OH: Can you tell us anything really fun or unique about our upcoming title?

LG: Last week, I was able to bring in my bow and arrow for the team to use. What was really cool was when I first tried to play with the bow and arrow mechanic in the game, it felt really natural for me. I was super impressed that it was so smooth and that it felt so accurate. The stuff our team builds always impresses me.

OH: What has been the most challenging part of your job now that you are creating things for a VR game?

LG: Before Outhouse changed its focus to VR, I didn’t really know much about VR. It has been really interesting learning about all the different products and games out there, and then seeing what we are making. Learning the new technology and then writing about it has been a challenge, but I’ve found it fun and now I’m excited to see what happens in the industry and how it changes the gaming industry.

OH: What is something that you have learned from working with VR?

LG: I’ve learned just how long this technology has been in the making. I remember hearing about the Virtual Boy, but VR always seemed like some kind of fad that never took off. Now, we are seeing the idea of VR and the technology finally match up and it seems to have come out of nowhere overnight, but that isn’t the case. There has been so much research and work done before now and I think that is what is going to make VR really stay in the market and change gaming.

OH: Any advice for someone wanting to get into the gaming industry and do a job like yours?

LG: Find what you are good at, and be the best at it. Like I said before, gaming companies aren’t just looking for artists and developers, they need everything else a standard company would need from HR to marketing. If you love what you do and add an additional passion like gaming to it, you really have an unstoppable combination. So I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t get discouraged because you can’t do the typical gaming job, figure out what you are good at. Work jobs that will give you those skills, even if they aren’t in gaming, you are still developing those essential skills that can be applied to a future role in the industry.

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