Live Story: Meet Pam

Every studio needs a great Developer, and that is where Pam comes in. In our latest installment of our Outhouse Live Story, we introduce you to the talented Pam Werrell.

Outhouse Games: Thanks, Pam for talking with us today! Let’s start at the beginning. When did you start working at Outhouse Games?

Pam Werrell: January 2016.

OH: Can you tell us about the experience of getting this job and what it is like to see the company grow?

PW: Programming games is a dream come true. One of the best days of my life was when Chris called to say I got the job. It has been awesome watching the company grow. It is amazing to see how many years Phil and Chris have invested in order to get the company off the ground along with the respect they’ve earned in the game community.

OH: What made you want to work in gaming?

PW: Atari Computer camp and programming games on TI-99A as a kid. Games like King’s Quest and people like Roberta Williams were the inspiration of wanting to develop games.

OH: Can you tell us what a day in the life of a Developer is like?

PW: The day starts off with hardware setup and check, finding pen and paper, opening text editor and trying to remember where I left off the day before. From there each day is different because each day brings new problems to solve or old ones to fix.

OH: What programs and tools do you use every day?

PW: Paper, graph paper preferred. Pen, Sublime Text editor, Unity, Searching and

OH: Can you tell us about your desk setup?

PW: Exercise ball chair great for bouncing on when thinking and limits carpal tunnel. Paper, paper and more paper. 2 VR headsets and 2 controllers, 2 monitors, one keyboard, one mouse. Lots of cords. Water. Disinfecting Wipes. Small piece of something to manipulate while thinking, current item is a twist tie.


Pam's desk here at Outhouse.

Pam’s desk here at Outhouse.


OH: What are you working on right now for our latest VR title?

PW: Just finished fire arrows and will be starting dwindling/refilling oil supply for torches and lamps.

OH: Can you tell us anything really fun or unique about our upcoming title?

PW: Juggling objects in VR. One day I will be able to do it.

OH: What has been the most challenging part of your job now that you are creating things for a VR game?

PW: Working with the hardware to make it feel and work like you were actually present in the game.

OH: What is something that you have learned from working with VR?

PW: The new headsets no longer make you motion sickness when you follow some basis guidelines about framerates and how the camera moves versus player’s movement.

OH: What do you like about working with VR?

PW: Holodeck technology is finally being realized.

OH: Any advice for someone wanting to get into the gaming industry and do a job like yours?

PW: Logic, logic, logic – very problem comes down to answering what needs to happen when and what if this happens. What are the responses and how do they interrelate and how is that different for different people. Constantly getting input from as many people as possible is necessary. The logic that makes sense to you does not necessarily make sense to another person. No one person can do development it takes a team of people to make it great.

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