Live Story: Sneak Peek of ‘The Ancient Remains’

Right now our team is at the Melrose Center in the Downtown Orlando Public Library sharing a demo of our newest title, The Ancient Remains. But don’t worry, we have some great things to show you from the demo right here in our Live Story!

Top down view of the demo

The demo takes place in the first chapter of our game within a temple inspired by ancient Egypt. There are 5 rooms the player can explore, the Starting Area, Treasure Room, Burial Room, Embalming Room, and finally the Shooting Gallery. The player can explore freely, as this demo does not include monster encounters, but they will be able to get a feel for the environment through the art, design, and sound.

After the player gets their bearings in the Starting Area, they can begin moving through the world to the different rooms. Our team has taken their time to design every part of the temple down to they pillars you see throughout the rooms.

Closeup of the pillars within the temple

Closeup of the pillars within the temple

Each room has something different to offer. The Treasure Room has just that, treasure. The player can check out different ancient artifacts along with lots and lots of gold items. Moving into the Burial and Embalming Rooms, there are tables, tools, scrolls and tablets. One of the most interesting items in these rooms are the canopic jars. These jars were used during the mummification process and were used to store the internal organs of the person being mummified.

Canopic jars located in the Burial and Embalming Rooms

Moving through these rooms, the demo ends in the final area, the Shooting Room. This area is where the player test out our archery gameplay. Phil Bias, our Project Manager and Co-Founder, is really interested in what players have to say about the Shooting Room in the demo. “I’m looking forward to hearing the feedback from the demo so we can keep improving the bow and arrow functionality.”

The demo is making more than one stop for players to get a sneak peek of the game. This coming week the team will be heading to the University of Central Florida. Our Sound Designer & Composer, Bethany Borden, is collaborating with Thad Anderson to create original music for the game. Anderson is a teacher of percussion, music composition, and music technology at the university. Borden and Anderson will be showing the demo to UCF music students who will be assisting by actually playing the music for the game. Having them see and experience the demo will help the students get a feel for the game and environment, this will assist them with understanding the music they are playing. The team hopes to start recording the music with the UCF team starting in the fall.

Stay tuned until next week where we will be sharing more of our Live Story about our upcoming game and our amazing team.

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    • Liz George
      Liz George says:

      It was a great time! Thanks for checking out our blog post about the game, can’t wait to show you what is coming in the near future!


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