Live Story: Week 7 – Meet Chris

Next up in our Live Story series is an introduction to one of our co-founders, Chris Borden. We were able to steal him away for a quick interview during a busy week to learn more about what he does here at Outhouse.

Outhouse Games: You have a lot of responsibilities around the office with being both a co-founder and business manager. Tell us what your normal day is like.

Chris Borden: My normal days are anything but normal. I handle everything pertaining to the business outside of the actual production pipeline. My job is to ensure that everything is taken care of so that production can focus on, well, producing. I make sure the office stays clean and fully stocked with snacks. I e-mail clients to update them on the status of their projects, balance the checkbook, and pay the bills. I also do most of the IT work around the office, so if someone’s computer is giving them issues, I will take care of that as well. I guess I am the resident jack of all trades.

OG: What does the desk of the resident jack of all trades look like?

CB: So, in terms of my desk and setup, I would say it is a little lackluster compared to some of the artists and developers. I use an HP Pavilion laptop for everything I do. I also have an extra display so that I can run 2 monitors. My favorite part of my setup is my Ducky Shine Mechanical Keyboard. Other than that, I have a nice set of open ear headphones I use while integrating audio.


Chris’s desk featuring his Ducky Shine Mechanical Keyboard


OG: Your job makes you juggle a lot of different tasks. How do you keep it all straight?

CB: I wish I was a little better at this part of my job, but I promise I am working hard on it. I use Google Calendar for all of my appointments, and Evernote to keep track of any notes I take down during meetings with the rest of the team or clients. My accountant and I use Quickbooks to keep track of our financial information. Finally, I use Atlassian for our production planning and scheduling.

OG: This week was especially busy considering you were involved in two events here in the Central Florida area. Can you tell us more about these events?

CB: This has been quite a busy week. On Monday, I was invited to sit on a panel at the Trends in Tech event at Full Sail University. I had the opportunity to discuss my company’s involvement in virtual reality and how we are using it in our business. We think this medium of entertainment is the future. It was an amazing opportunity to speak about a subject I am quite passionate about, and I had a great time.

The second event was Tuesday night at Canvs in downtown Orlando. The Orlando Tech Association threw a party to celebrate all of the great things happening with tech companies here in Orlando, and we were invited to bring out a couple of our VR headsets and allow people at the event to experience virtual reality, some for their first time. It was a fantastic event. I got to chat with some wonderful tech-minded business men and women. We also had the chance to watch people try out this new amazing medium for their first time, and it was just so moving. I noticed one gentleman start crying during the experience and had to leave the room. I had a wonderful time meeting the Mayor of Orlando and some very cool entrepreneurs.

OG: Seeing VR and technology having a direct impact on someone is pretty amazing. There is a lot of exciting and inspiring things going on in the industry. What inspires you?

CB: I have always been kind of an inventor. I really enjoy the process of making, building, and creating things. I love trying things no one else has ever done and making things work. Exceeding everyone’s expectations of what’s possible is a great feeling!


Chris testing out the Oculus technology

Chris testing out the Oculus technology

What made you want to get into VR gaming?

CB: I have been fascinated by the tech since I was younger and had the opportunity to try a Virtual Boy. I am a big gadget person anyways, so mixing new cool technology with video games is right up my alley.

OG: What has been the biggest challenge with starting a new game, especially it being in VR?

CB: I think it was deciding just what kind of game to design. When I look at this new medium of entertainment, all I see is possibilities.

OG: VR is really starting to take off. What is the most exciting thing about going into VR?

CB: Being here at the beginning. Helping to answer some of those really difficult questions that are inevitable with a new medium like this.

OG: Can you tell me something really cool or unique about the newest game we are developing?

CB: So every good roguelike needs really cool enemies and ours is full of unique monsters. We did a ton of research on Ancient Egyptian mythology for inspiration. We wanted to take what has been written about these creatures on the walls of tombs and in historical documents and bring them to life with a dark twist.

OG: What is your favorite piece of technology that you’ve gotten your hands on lately?

CB: I just got my Raspberry Pi 3 in the mail the other day. This is my first one, and I am very excited to see what I can do with it.

OG: What has your team done so far that has really impressed you?

CB: Everything my team does really impresses me. When my day gets really stressful ,I will just walk around the office and look over people’s shoulders to watch them work. It’s Awesome!

OG: Any words of advice for someone wanting to get started in the gaming industry or VR?

CB: Get Started. Build Something. This is hard work, so work hard!

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