Live Story: Week 6 – Meet Phil

Our Live Story series continues with another introduction to one of our invaluable team members. This week, Phil Bias chatted with us about his evolving role from co-founder, developer, and now producer on our newest VR title.

Outhouse Games: Can you tell us about your role in the development of our upcoming game?

Phil Bias: I’m in charge of the production, so a producer if you will.

OG: The title “producer” is used in all kinds of jobs. What does the day-to-day of a game producer look like, especially with a new game in development.

PB: I organize everyone’s talents so that they can best help build the game. I also keep the constant vision of what the game is currently and what it will be.

OG: What programs do you find yourself using everyday?

PB: In producer mode, I mainly use Jira, Confluence, with a bit of Photoshop. In developer mode I use Unity and Sublime Text all the way!

OG: As one of the co-founders, you can speak to the major shift from mobile gaming to VR. Why VR?

PB: I’ve been wanting to play VR games since I was a little kid and now that VR is finally here I can make those games myself!

OG: What part of VR is exciting to you? You have a lot of new equipment to work with and new technology. Tell us about what you are working with and why you enjoy it.

PB: Using VR with Oculus Touch or HTC Vive controllers is the most amazing experience. Being able to interact with the virtual world has a huge impact on the immersion in the game. It always amazes me how quickly I get lost in the game and story. It makes it so hard to play traditional console or computer games at this point; they all feel like they are missing something now.

Phil working on one of our previous projects

Phil working on one of our previous projects

With so much content soon to be coming onto the VR market, what makes what we at Outhouse create different than others?

PB: We are working really hard to create a game that lets the player solve problems in their own way. If the player wants to burn down a locked door in order to get through instead of finding the key, they should be able to. We are also spending a lot of time working on the music and sound effects to help aid the overall immersion of the game.

OG: What has been the best part of the experience moving into VR so far?

PB: There are a lot of questions that have no answers. You have to figure a lot of things out for yourself. It’s a lot of fun jumping in and start seeing what works and what doesn’t.

OG: Can you tell us anything really fun or unique about our upcoming title?

PB: In our game you can play it any way you like, you are not locked into a player class. If you want to be a melee character, pick up a sword and start swinging. If you want to play as a magic user, grab that wand and start throwing fireballs.

OG: How do you stay up to date with the industry? Do you read certain sites or articles, or use anything to keep you current on the VR tech and industry?

PB: I read a bunch of different VR related subreddits and blogs as well as play every game I get my hands on.

OG: As producer, you are basically the leader of your team. What have they done so far that has really impressed you?

PB: When everyone is working together to gray box an idea it’s incredible to see how quickly an idea or concept can be created and tweaked to find a fun game idea.

OG: Any words of advice for someone wanting to get started in the gaming industry or VR?

PB: Play everything. There hasn’t been a single game or experience I’ve played that hasn’t shown me something to think about or completely stay away from.

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