Live Story: Week 1 – Let’s Talk About Scale

Welcome to Live Story: Week 1! We are excited to kick off our very own article series that documents our design and development process as we create our first VR game. Each week we will talk about what is happening here in the studio. We want to share this hands on experience with you while getting a close up look at the behind the scenes process.

For our first task of diving into our rouge-like VR game, we focused on scale. During our first test we really focused on how the scale of the environment, characters, and objects all worked together to create a natural and realistic feel for the player.

When designing the game, we really needed to make sure that the room size felt right. We don’t want the player to feel like they were confined to a small space and feel claustrophobic or in a vast area of nothing to engage them.

Not only did we have to put a lot of thought into the actual environment, characters themselves fit into that environment. Making sure the character wasn’t too big or too small for the room is very important. You can have a character looking great in a room, but too big to fit through a door. This balance was a large focus of our testing.

With the environment and characters appropriately sized, we wanted to see how objects fit into the mix. We had to take time to make sure each item felt right as far as size, but also felt right in comparison to the environments and the characters that would be interacting with them.

What was great about our first round of testing was that the entire team was involved in the process. Our artists created the rooms and objects that the characters would interact with inside of the environment. With those assets, our development team was able to to take those objects and used Unity to put them together in an actual scene that we all could experience. From there, we all were able to explore the test world we created using our headsets.


Even though it was a test environment that was primarily just basic white and gray, our animator and 3D artist, Matt Graham, thought the experience was way more immersive than expected. “We had plain white characters that we kind of frankensteined together and don’t look like much in the editor, but when you put the headset on and you stand next to them they do feel like they are right there.”

After everyone had time in the environment, we brainstormed on what needed to be done next, what we could do better, and what we needed to change. Overall, it was an extremely successful test in scale and most of all, it was fun. We are excited to see where our next steps take us in development.


Stay tuned next week when we bring you Live Story: Week 2!


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