Exciting News From Outhouse Games

2016 has been a big year so far for us here at Outhouse Games. Our team has grown, we have released new apps, and completed some really awesome projects. To continue the trend of making this year even bigger for our company, we are excited to announce our move into virtual reality gaming.

One of the most important things to us is keeping our fans and community involved in everything we do here in the studio. As we embark on this new adventure, we want you to join us from the very beginning. We will be switching over to story mode and sharing new content we are calling ‘Outhouse Games: Live Story’. We want you, our community, to take an active role in our story as we develop our first VR game. Through our ‘Live Story’ you will see what we are doing right now as we develop our newest title. ‘Live Story’ will give you a behind the scenes look at what our animators are working on, how we are tackling spatial sound in a VR setting, and how we use Unity to build our first VR game. Get up close and personal with our team as we share this hands on experience with you.

We will be sharing more information about our upcoming game, our process, and our team in the following weeks. We hope you will join us and take part in our newest chapter here at Outhouse Games.

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