Vote with your mallet, then with your ballot with Bash the Vote 2016 for iPhone and Android

Outhouse Games released Bash the Vote 2016 and is now available for iPhone and Android. Bash The Vote 2016 is the Whac-A-Mole for a new generation. Opposing presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump go head-to-head in competition for popularity and bragging rights.

To play, simply start the machine and choose your side. To start bashing, touch the screen. Precision is the key, hitting the wrong candidate will shorten your game, so be careful while bashing! Utilize Bonus Modifiers to increase the number of bashes you contribute to the side of your choosing. Then, trade in your “I Bashed the Vote” stickers for new mallets so you can bash with style.

Bash the Vote 2016 Features

  • Developed entirely in 3D
  • Voting registration information to encourage players to get out and vote
  • Game Modifiers: Available for purchase with in app currency
    • Slow Moles – Slows the movement and speed of the moles as they pop up
    • Longer Play Time – Increases the amount of time you start the each match
    • Faster Mallet – Increases the swing speed of the mallet
    • Filibuster – Only the candidate of your choosing will show their face for the first 30 seconds
    • Random Modifier – Gives you one of the modifiers listed above
  • Accessorize with 12 different mallets to customize your game play with more options on the way
  • All original music that is a blend of patriotic and rock-n-roll
  • Real time vote tracker to see how your vote makes an impact


Bash the Vote 2016 is a free app on the App Store for iPhone and iPad and requires iOS 6 or higher. Also available on the Google Play Store for phones and tablets running OS version 4.0.3 and higher.

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Additional Information

Screenshots, icons and other related media are available for download from here:

About Outhouse Games

Outhouse Games LLC was founded in 2013 a small independent development studio based in Orlando, Florida specializing in mobile apps, game design and development, and virtual reality.

Press Contact

Chris Borden
Co-Owner and Co-Founder of Outhouse Games
Mobile: 407.256.7447 Email:
Twitter: @outhousegames Website:

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