Outhouse Games: A Family Affair!

An artist, a programmer, a musician, (and a tester): This is the tale of the Outhouse Games team and how friends became family.  It all started way back in 2001, when Chris packed everything he owned into a U-Haul and moved to Orlando on a whim.  From Michigan!  He applied to work security at Universal Studios. He kind of got the job- he got assigned to work at Men in Black at Universal Studios Orlando!



This is where he met a young Phil Bias, who was working at Men in Black before attending D.A.V.E. School. These two seemed like opposites, but after getting assigned to work parades together, they gained a mutual appreciation for each other’s work ethic, sense of humor, and love of movies. Within a year, the two became roommates and continued to work together.

In the summer of 2005, Chris, Phil, and Bethany separately attended the same System of a Down concert in downtown Orlando. This is not where the three met.  Bethany was in her 2nd year of teaching middle school chorus. By this time, Chris was a manager at Smarte Carte and maintained the touch screen lockers at both Universal theme parks. Phil was working in the Computer Graphics industry at Wolfhound Inc.  in Longwood, FL. A week after the concert, Chris was browsing in Myspace (haha) and stumbled on Bethany’s profile. He was drawn to her love of music, something which had always been a big part of his life. Bethany was skeptical about meeting people online. However, she gave this guy a chance seeing how he had just attended the System of a Down concert. Music connects people! Bethany and Chris had their first date at Pat O’ Brien’s in City Walk (ask Chris about that sometime…), and from that night forward, they spent most of their time together.  Bethany quickly became the third amigo when the three of them stayed overnight outside of Best Buy waiting to buy XBox 360s!!

Through a marriage, the birth of Chris and Bethany’s child “G”, the death of family members, and a couple of career changes, the 3 ½ (the ½ being “G”) have stuck together! They’ve been navigating through life in a very unique way- as 3 best friends supporting each other. At this point, all three have left their previous jobs and careers and are working full time for Outhouse Games studio.

Now that the trio is working at the studio full time, the programmer, the artist, the musician, (and sometimes the tester) can sit side by side as their concepts come to life. Each person brings their creativity to the table for the upcoming title, Damsel in Distress. Keeping the levels  interesting, the obstacles challenging, and the storyline engaging and relatable are not easy tasks, but the saying “2 heads are better than 1” is true.  Even though the amount of time this trio spends together causes them to “occasionally” fight like siblings (and then there’s the married couple working together…), at the end of the day, their passion for games, hard work, and creativity make them Outhouse Games.



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